First Flight Festival

9th Annual First Flight Festival

ATC’s annual festival of all-new, all-original, all-local short plays!

New short plays written by members of the Angels Playwriting Collective

July 18 – 28, 2024

Presented at UNL’s Studio Theatre

first floor of the Temple Building — 12th & R Streets in Lincoln

Admission $20.00 per Flight, or $35.00 for a Festival Pass (both Flights)

2024 First Flight Festival Selections

Soup, Murder, and Dean Martin by Jillian Carter

Proust by Payton Schaefer
In Defiance of Chekhov by Regina Hinkley
Ashley, on a Spring Day by D. Chapelle
The Master Angler by Elbert Traylor
Nine Fifteen – book, lyrics and music by Adrien Loehring
Edith by Jamie Bullins
Sleepless by Stephen Enersen
Torching The Library by Clay Farris Naff
The Pep Talk by Deanna Walz
Lucie by John Burkhart
Open Mic Night by Clay Farris Naff
I Know What You’re Thinking by Adrien Loehring
Click … Buzz by D. Chapelle

Congratulations, Playwrights!

If you have any questions about the auditions,
please contact
Producer Kathy Disney at,
or email

We look forward to seeing you at auditions!

9th Annual First Flight Festival

Audition Dates:

** All Auditions and Callbacks will be held at the Temple Building, 11th and R Streets on UNL’s City Campus.

Auditions will be readings from the First Flight Festival plays. You do not need to prepare anything in advance. You may show up for the audition anytime within the audition timeframe (we are not requiring a sign-up or time slot). If you would like to audition for the musical, please be prepared to sing. If you play an instrument (particularly guitar) please bring that along too. Auditions for the musical will be held on Friday and Saturday with callbacks on Sunday. One of our plays is movement-based.

If you are interested in the movement-based play, please plan to attend during callbacks on Sunday.

If anyone would like to audition, but cannot attend the scheduled audition, we will accept video auditions reading one of our First Flight monologues. Please contact Kathy Disney for information on submitting a video audition at

Video Auditions must be submitted by 5:00 PM on Saturday May 18.

2024 First Flight Festival Plays and Descriptions

First Flight Festival 2024 Play Descriptions, gender and ages of characters as defined by the playwrights.
Angels Theatre Company practices and supports inclusive casting.
We welcome and encourage actors of all races, ethnicities, and abilities to audition for all roles unless otherwise specified.

Sleepless by Stephen Enersen
Characters – woman 35 or older, man 40-ish

Ghost is a dead tech multi-millionaire from Redmond, Washington, who can’t fall into The Big Sleep because he didn’t get his will changed before he died. He tries to enlist the help of a reluctant attorney in Hickman to resolve the issue so he can finally nod off.

The Pep Talk (monologue) by Deanna Walz
Character – woman age not specified

A woman goes on a series of bad dates and tries to talk herself into staying or going.

Lucie (monologue) by John Burkhart
Character– man 60 or older

A young man encounters a tyrannical math teacher as a freshman in high school. This teacher finds much glee in humiliating front of the class and making him the butt of many jokes about his mental capacity. Without any real plan to combat this behavior, and dreading each class, he somehow manages to suffer through the term and emerge triumphant in the end.

Nine Fifteen (musical) book, lyrics and music by Adrien Loehring, Characters – male identifying 20-40, female identifying 20-40

What’s an introvert to do? The decision to stay or go weighs heavy when staying home always feels like the better option.

Ashley, on a Spring Day by D. Chapelle
Characters – youngish woman, college-aged man

A young man meets a young lady in the park. She may be the Death of him.

In Defiance of Chekhov by Regina Hinkley
Characters – man early 20’s, man early to late 20’s

Samuel, a desperate and impulsive man, breaks into a surprisingly empty house and unexpectedly comes face-to-face with the homeowner, Anthony. Drawing a gun, the two enter a standoff and the robber gets far more than he bargained for when not only is Anthony unfazed by Samuel’s gun, but actually encourages it to be fired.

Open Mic Night (monologue) by Clay Farris Naff
Character – woman age not specified

A young woman tries to talk herself through the terrors of a first attempt at standup comedy. When a heckler pipes up, she has to ask: “Should I stay or should I go?”

Click … Buzz (monologue) by D. Chapelle
Character – no gender or age specified

An evil genius’ how-to-guide to deal with telemarketers.

The Master Angler by Elbert Traylor
Characters – boy 15-17, girl 15-17

A young man tests his skill at catching fish. A young lady tests her skill at catching a young man.

Torching The Library by Clay Farris Naff
Characters – white male upper middle-aged, black female late 30’s to early 50’s

In the near future, as AI wipes out jobs, two very different people, one an out-of-work librarian, the other a laid-off oil exec, find themselves flung together in one of the few remaining workplaces: a celebrity’s lifestyle lab. There, the product they package threatens to warp their core values.

Soup, Murder, and Dean Martin by Jillian Carter
Characters – old man, middle-aged woman

It’s not always easy to get a man with Alzheimer’s to eat his lunch, but his caretaker knows what he needs. And sometimes, he knows what the caretaker needs too.

I Know What You’re Thinking by Adrien Loehring

Character – Man or Woman 30-60

A universal question when getting rid of sentimental items that are no longer usable. Should it Stay, or Should it Go?

Proust by Payton Schaefer
Characters – woman college-aged, man 30-ish

Plagued by rom-coms and cheesy love stories, Fontaine escapes to a bookshop to get some last-minute shopping done. Eric bumps into Fontaine while in line for the register and attempts to charm her in what she only sees as a walking, talking cliche.

Edith by Jamie Bullins
Characters – old, white female, 40’s black male

Going back home and meeting old neighbors again anew. Are we ever too old to learn something new about our loved ones, ourselves?

Thank you to our 2023 First Flight Festival Sponsors

What is the First Flight Festival?

  • First Flight is a playwright-driven festival, unique to our area. All the submissions come from the Angels Theatre Company Playwriting Collective.
  • Each play is directed by a different director
  • We emphasize minimalism, so there is usually limited set, scenery, lighting, costumes, and sound. The scripts speak for themselves!
  • The plays are all short plays, ranging from five to 30 minutes in length. Depending on the submissions, we may decide to include four or 24.
  • Playwrights are integral to the process.
  • After each performance, there is a facilitated discussion with the playwrights. This allows the audience to ask questions and learn about the writing process from our talented artists.

The Midwest’s Finest in Original Works

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